Brownie Box Camera Project

Sometimes people ask me why I “went back” to shooting film. The truth is that film is what I used when I started my photography career. There wasn’t any other choice at the time. In fact I adopted digital photography with some trepidation when it became the most common medium. I quickly fell in love with the instant gratification of digital, and it certainly sped up my process.

Maybe that’s what has me returning to film whenever I can. It forces me to slow down, and really think about what I am trying to create. It also allows me to get my hands dirty developing and printing as well. I’m not strict about that though. I’m quite willing to shoot film, develop the negatives, then scan to digital. I love marrying analog and digital for its unique results

One day I was looking at my Brownie camera, that I inherited from my grandfather, and thought “I wonder how I could start using that to make images.” You can see YouTube videos of how I prepared my camera here. Images I create with the Brownie can be found in my Analog Portfolio here. You can also learn about how the Brownie works on my Instruction page here